Thursday, June 5, 2008

Change of Ownership for the Simpsons Brand of Brushes

Em's Place has confirmed with Progress Shaving Brush (Vulfix) Ltd that the sale of Simpsons has been completed and according to Simpsons the exchange took place on May 30th.

We understand that Vulfix intends to keep the Simpsons line of brushes "as is" and all weights of hair and other specifications will remain the same. Production is expected to start next week. They will be supporting Simpsons brushes both pre and post sale.

Both the quality value and volume line of Vulfix brushes and the smaller high end niche line of Simpsons brushes will be offered and should provide a selection of brushes to suit all price ranges and tastes.

Em's Place is an existing merchant doing business with Vulfix and looks forward to also receiving the Simpsons line through them. Vulfix is an excellent company to communicate with and the production time has always been reasonable. We think this is good news, and hope our customers will too...

Vulfix is located on the Isle of Man in the UK, and our first new batch of Simpsons brushes should arrive in the next several weeks. We wish Vulfix much success with this new addition to their product line.