Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hi All, it's been awhile (well there's an understatement:-)

A lot has happened since my last post over a year ago, wow! The biggest change is location. Our main operations are now located on the central Oregon coast about an hour from our other location. We now have a larger facility to take care of customer orders and more room to grow. A major move always takes time, and getting use to finding where things are located can be a little disorienting... The other major change was incorporating the business on advice from our accountant. That too meant some restructuring and reorganizing.

Now it's time to get back on track updating the web site and looking at new ideas. You may have noticed a number of out of stock items by the end of this summer. We are starting to receive the holiday shipments so be sure to check for items that are now, or will be soon, back in stock.

Hard to believe we have been serving the wet shaving community for over a decade - actually since 1997. Thank you to all of our regular and new customers for your business.