Thursday, August 25, 2011

Trumpers Shaving Products Update:

Correspondence today from Geo. F. Trumper in England suggests it will still be a while before we can update our "out of stock" for Limes Shaving Cream in the screw top tub and the tube. This is due to sourcing issues at this time for raw materials of the following products:

~ Limes Shaving Cream (Screw Thread Bowl and Tube)
~ Sandalwood Shaving Soap (Wooden Bowl and Refill)
~ Coconut Shaving Soap (Wooden Bowl and Refill)

Trumpers doesn't expect these products to be available again until December... They suggest customers look at the GFT fragrance as an alternative to the Extract of Limes as it fits firmly into the subtle tangy citrus & woody group.

While we are currently out of the Limes Shaving Cream, Em's Place Inc. is fully stocked with the Wooden Bowl and Refill soap items.

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