Monday, July 12, 2010

Did You Know?

Summer is upon us and many brands of shaving cream will start turning to liquid once temperatures approach 95 degrees or higher. This doesn’t affect the performance, only the texture and consistency. Therefore, if you notice this has happened to your cream simply place in the refrigerator or cool location overnight. However, it may never return to its pre-heated state - which is normal under these circumstances. Use and enjoy because the lather is just as good either way.

Therefore, if you live in a hot climate or shaving cream has traveled through heat and it arrives liquefied you will know why. Side comment: the Em’s brand of shaving cream is more of a liquid to start and should just be shaken before using.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Em’s Resources and Web Sites Explained

Em’s Place, Inc. has three main web sites to serve our customers in the wet shaving community.

1 ) is our FAQ/Knowledge Base site for shaving and body care information and videos. We also have a YouTube channel at with several videos that are also included on

In addition, we
now have a twitter account at to keep up with what’s happening.

2) is our new shopping site. The site currently being used by most of our existing customers will eventually merge into Changing technology has prompted this new site which provides more of the features our customers deserve.

Due to major changes in the database structure we will not be able to bring over existing customer accounts so please assign yourself a password the first time you shop on this site so you can enjoy all the features available - including the ability to track an order from your account. For first time checkout on this site select "proceed to checkout" (bypass "returning customers")
and assign yourself a password to initiate the account features.

3) is our existing web site and has been for many years and will remain in place.

Conclusion: We hope you will find the new site easier to navigate, enjoy the more streamlined look and appreciate the expanded customer features. Please be sure to bookmark any of these sites that may be of interest and we look forward to serving you for many years to come. Thank you for your business!