Friday, January 19, 2007

Sold Out of Merkur Gold Slants

We are now sold out of the Merkur gold slant bar model double edger razor. This is due to a rumor that hit the internet which was unknown to us when the run on these razors started. The rumor suggested that the gold slant model may no longer be available, and also suggested that other Merkur gold items may be discontinued in the future.

We contacted Merkur to find out first hand what the story is with the slants, and here is the response [...we don't have the 37G (gold) on stock presently, however, in a few weeks they will be available again. They are awaiting the gold-plating, and although we need to have enough quantity to make the putting together of the gold bath affordable, they will be available again.]

Often production runs have delays, which is a normal part of this niche market. We will be ordering more when available, and therefore expect to have stock for this item in about four to six weeks. In addition, the other gold Merkur items we carry are expected to be continued and available for the foreseeable future subject to production delays already talked about.