Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Visit from Merkur/DOVO Representative

Frau Rothstein made her annual trip from Solingen, Germany to meet with merchants that specialize in selling their products. We had a productive and informative meeting to discuss business on Monday (7/23). She indicated double edge razor sales remain steady, and demand for straight razors is on backlog. From the time a merchant places a straight razor order it can take six to nine months until ready to ship from the DOVO factory. The biggest challenge they face to keep up with demand is the availability of component parts. Merkur/DOVO serves over 80 countries around the world.

Double edge and straight razors are still assembled by hand. One of the frequently asked questions Em's Place receives in regard to DOVO straight razors is "are they shave ready" when purchased? The response from the representative was: "Straight razors leaving our company are always ready for the shave. They are honed, stropped and pass the so called ‘Hair Test’ giving evidence of ultimate cutting. Then all razors are carefully wrapped, boxed and sealed.

There is a misconception that shave ready means you don't need to strop before use, and it is important to know that any straight razor should be stropped before each and every shave which is a normal part of the process. Therefore, in addition to the straight razor a user also needs a strop.
We have to guarantee for our workmanship and when you sell originally boxed and sealed DOVO razors you and your customer can be sure that they are ready for the daily strop and shave."

You can find more information about Merkur/DOVO on our web site by visiting double edge razor information, double edge products and straight razor products. Frau Rothstein will be returning to Germany on Saturday and we enjoyed our annual visit.