Friday, September 10, 2010

ALERT and call to action! Why H.R.5786 - "Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010" may NOT be safe:

If you have sensitive skin and/or use (or interested in using) naturally based niche body care and shaving products please take time to read this post and help....

There is a bill that has been introduced into the House of Representatives called the "Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010" - but it is anything but safe! This legislation is not necessary and we already have the FDA. Do we really need more government bureaucracy and red tape at the expense of consumer choice and small business?

Here is a good article that explains what is going on and another good resource

Our company has been in business since 1997 and specializing in naturally based body care and wet shaving products. If the law makers get their way and this bill passes our customers my be forced to purchase mass-market heavily synthetic products without natural aroma and loaded with preservatives and synthetic colorants. For people like me and many of our customers who are sensitive to synthetically derived and man-made chemicals that would be devastating and bad for my/our health and skin!

In summary, it will cause many small business and naturally based body care manufactures to shut their doors. In addition, many natural ingredients could be banned. Why, well there are many opinions but mine is A) if a large mega-company can't control the market and the ingredient/s used in products then nobody should be allowed to and B) see "A".

I signed the online petition here and included this personal comment

"As a small retail business specializing in naturally based men's care my customers appreciate products that are not mass-produced and provide consumer choice. Driving the small business out of the space will only be a win for the mega producers and make less options available to the consumer and drive many small business "out of business". What happened to the day when small business was the golden child and not the self serving mega-corps who want to dominate everything. PLEASE, Don't squash the many from the rhetoric of the few with hidden agendas by enacting legislation that strangles and prices out the small business and their happy consumers who want alternatives."

Please help me by Opposing HR 5786. You can also write your congress or your senator

But MOST IMPORTANT: Please sign the online petition

It only takes a minute. THANKS!